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The Monster Kru

"For all your reptile needs!" Specializing in Quality Reticulated Python Morphs
Snakes, Feeders, Events, Custom Cages and Enclosures! We here at The Monster Kru strive to bring you the best in animals, caging, feeders and customer service. 

Monster Cages

Monster Cages are thermo-welded or plastic welded for strength. They come fully assembled and made out of recycled plastic. With engineering and some creativity we have made cages up to 16 foot long. Incubators, hide boxes, trap boxes, racks, bases and others have been made for our cages. Reptile Gardens, Bronx Zoo and many others have our cages. There are not many options that we can't do, locks, sliding glass doors, strip lights, LED lights, heat lamp holes, dividers, hide boxes, bases, casters and pretty much any option you would want. 

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That's right! We do Parties, Assemblies, Fundraisers, Grand openings and other events!!! Pricing is all done by event and options.

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