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Monster Feeder Pigs Induce Rapid Growth in Your Reptiles

The higher bone density and body mass in Monster Feeder pigs mean extra calcium, more nutrients, and rapid growth for your reptiles.

Monster Feeder Pigs are cleaned and individually wrapped in 2 to 3 layers of 6-9 month freezer paper with the weight clearly written on each package. Your feeder pigs stay fresh until you need them and at feeding time, you know exactly how much you’re feeding your large snakes, monitors, alligators, or other monster reptiles.


  1. Monster Feeder pigs give you true value for your dollar. We price our pigs by the pound, not by the animal.
  2. Monster Feeder Pigs range in size from .5 pounds to 30 pounds. You choose the sizes you need and eliminate the problem of persuading your reptiles to eat two or three small feeder animals.
  3. Feeding frozen-thawed animals eliminates the possibility of your reptile being injured by a reluctant live meal.
  4. Feeder pigs are covered with a layer of fine hair instead of a dense furry coat. Feeding Monster Feeder Pigs puts more of your dollar into nutrition.

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